AJP Electrical Limited

AJP Electrical Wholesalers was founded by Angus Pedrick in 2012. Angus has bought and sold flashing novelty toys (including on the streets at carnivals!) since he was in his teens. The Company was founded because many of the products he was sold were very poor quality and didn't work !

If the product doesn't work you can't sell it and this is why all the products now come from factories that have been fully accredited and tested, so his ambition of providing a great range of quality flashing novelty toys, at a fair price, but with exceptional service, is proving to be very popular.

Do be careful, you don't JUST buy on price, we speak from experience, it can be a very expensive mistake.


Please note that when you are selling any of the flashing novelty toys that you MUST sell them in the Packaging with the CE Mark showing if you take the product out of the packaging, you can have the goods seized by the Trading Standards Department, AJP Electrical Wholesalers, cannot be held for any consequential losses or be responsible for any losses caused through non compliance of this EU Legislation. Please see out Terms and Conditions of Trading